Membership Options are as follows:

Life Time Memberships

$210 initial payment, then $10 per year for the next five years for renewal. After that, no renewal fees or other fees apply. Life Memberships can buy Range Use Discount Cards at any time.

Discounted Regular Memberships

$110 initial payment, a pre-paid Range Discount Use Card good for (10) one hour sessions at the range.

Full Price Occasional Use Memberships

$60 initial payment, and will pay $10.00 per hour to use the range. Range Discount Use Cards are not available to this level of membership.

Associate Memberships for Family

$20 initial payment per person, and will pay $10.00 per hour per person to use the range. Associate members do not need to hold an NRA membership to join SMLPSA.

Member-Guests will pay $15.00 per hour for range use. Guests must be accompanied by a Member at all times when attending the range, and must comply with all Range and Facility rules.

To Join SMLPSA please click on the application form below:
Membership Application and Renewal Form [docx]
Membership Application and Renewal Form [pdf]

Memberships expire on 10/31 Annually and must be renewed by the member. Memberships not renewed by 12/31 are subject to a $25 late charge. Membership renewal notices are sent in the Club Newsletter in August and September as a reminder.