Big Changes to VA Gun Laws by New Governor

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VCDL Page – Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.

2 hours ago

The Democrat gun-controllers in the Virginia General Assembly are haters, as is our Governor-elect, our Lt. Governor, and our Attorney General. They hate our guns, they hate our sense of independence that comes with owning those guns, and they just plain hate you and me.

It’s not that we are dangerous, as Virginia’s gun owners, and particularly Virginia’s concealed handgun permit holders, are the most law-abiding citizens in the state. It is extremely rare for an off-duty police officer to commit a violent crime with a gun. But, as rare as that is, statistically an off-duty police officer is six to ten times more likely to commit such a crime than a CHP holder!

While the Democrats are busy trying to lower the penalties on marijuana and even pushing to legalize it, they are busy creating more and more felonies and restrictions for people who have the temerity to own a gun! In what alternate universe are people walking around stoned treated like roll models, while law-abiding, peaceable people who merely want to be able to exercise their God-given right to protect themselves are villainized?


I’ve just learned that Attorney General Herring has been asked to overturn Ken Cuccinelli’s previous ruling that self-defense is a “good and sufficient reason” to carry in a church. Herring will make up some flimsy legal grounds to do so, pretty much guaranteed. There are two bills that have been introduced that will fix this problem, but we have to get them out of the General Assembly and signed into law.


The Governor-elect just stated for the record that gun-control is his NUMBER ONE PRIORITY! On top of his list is Universal Background Checks.

Following his lead are the goose-stepping Democrat gun-grabbers, who have put in EIGHT bills alone to make Universal Background Checks the law of the land and another FIFTY-FIVE bills to infringe on your gun rights from all different angles.

VCDL has been warning everybody for almost two years that Universal Background Checks were coming big time and that threat has arrived.

If you haven’t been talking to friends, family and coworkers about the disaster called Universal Background Checks, you had best get cracking. There is a flyer on the VCDL website you can print out and distribute:


Here is what the haters want to do to you, the law-abiding gun owner who has done nothing wrong. They are going after you and your rights with a fervor:

* Highly restrict reciprocity so that you can only carry in a handful of states. If you travel, you will have major headaches and heartaches

* A permit will be required to purchase a handgun and the fact that you have such a permit will be shared with other states during a traffic stop. The requirements to get the permit are stringent and meant to discourage you from getting one. Just to buy a handgun you will need mandatory training, TWO photo IDs, proof of address, a notarized application, and more

* Carry of loaded rifles or shotguns in public areas will be illegal statewide

* Get rid of preemption laws, so each locality can make any gun laws they want. Purchase permits, bans on carry in parks and buildings, no open carry, restrictions on concealed carry, ammunition and magazine limitations and bans, etc. As few as 3 people in local government can strip you of your gun rights. You will not be able to travel with a gun and feel comfortable that you are not in violation of some local gun law

* A conviction of misdemeanor assault will take away your gun rights for five years

* You will have to go through a Universal Background Check to buy a gun

* Magazines that will hold more than 10 rounds will be banned. There is no grandfathering of magazines you already have, you will have to get rid of them

* Ban on anything that speeds up the firing rate of a semi-automatic firearm, which could end up with semi-automatic firearms being banned themselves

* Legal penalties if you don’t report a stolen gun fast enough

* Prohibitions on carry in parades, marches, demonstrations, protests, rallies, libraries, parks, government buildings, city council and board of supervisor meetings, child daycare facilities, pre-school facilities

* No more online training to get a CHP. Too bad if you have an urgent reason to get a CHP quickly

* Decriminalize marijuana possession, but take away the gun rights of anyone who possess any

* Have your guns taken away without any due process based solely on someone’s word that you are risk to yourself or others

* Make you provide proof that you gave specific permission to your own children under 18-years-old to possess a gun in your own home

* You can be charged with a felony if a 17-year-old breaks into your house and he finds a loaded gun

* You will be limited to purchasing one handgun a month

* The State Police will get a list of the guns that you purchase if you buy more than 2 at a time

* A ban on guns at the General Assembly, but legislators will hypocritically be exempt

* Take away the ability for someone from out of state to buy a rifle or shotgun in Virginia

* Charge you with a FELONY for the mere possession of a BB gun on school property


This is a serious fight with serious consequences if we lose any of the above battles. If gun control of any flavor ends up on the Governor’s desk, he will sign it.

Can we beat back the gun control? I believe we can. But every single one of us had best be engaged in the battle.

Soon I will be sending you Action Items. Do them immediately and then pass them on to everyone you know, including posting them on chat groups, etc.

Lobby Day is Monday at 8 AM at the General Assembly Building at 9th and Main streets in Richmond. I hope to see you there.