Change in Policy for Range Use by SMLPSA

Hello Everyone,

If you attended our Annual Meeting last fall or have spoken with some of the RSO’s, you are aware that we are trying to expand the use of different firearms on the Range by SMLPSA Members. For the past 7 years, we have allowed Law Enforcement and DCJS Officers who are qualifying to use Shotguns and AR15 Platform rifles on the Range. For the past two years we have allowed SMLPSA members to shoot AR15 platform guns chambered in Pistol calibers too.

We have decided to begin to allow for the use of AR15 platform Rifles and Pistols chambered in 223/5.56 at the Range, along with Shotguns under strict new guidelines set forth in the attached document.

Anyone who wants to shoot these firearms at the Range, will be required to read this document in full, and be given a Safety briefing at the Range by and RSO, using this document as the guideline. You will be asked to sign and Acknowledgment that you have read this document and agree to the Safety Rules before being allowed to shoot the AR15 or Shotgun at the Range.

We will begin a trial run by allowing these guns on the evening of Monday, January 29th, from 6-9PM and anyone interested in getting approved for shooting these firearms should attend this session. We will go forward by most likely allowing this use on ONE Saturday a Month as well as the LAST Monday evening of the month.

I need to remind everyone as well that the Club Policy for Guests is ONE GUEST only per Member per session. If you are participating in the Monday Night special events, please adhere to this policy.

Please click on the document below to download and read the new Safety Guidelines.

Regards Peter


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Safety Instructions for use of Shotguns

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Safety Instructions for use of Shotguns