Notice of increase in Range Use Fees

Gentlemen & Ladies.

I have been advise that in our new Lease/Rental Agreement that was recently mailed to me by Roger Ellmore, 4-H is increasing our Range Use Fees from $8 to $10 per hour. With that said, we as a Club will also need to change our rates. We have not seen an increase in 7 years so this comes as no surprise to me.

Therefore, begginning February 1st – the Range Use Fees wiil change to:
$10/hour per Member
$15/hour per Guest
Range Use Punch Cards will still be valued at $8/hr for any outstanding cards out there.
When using the cards that are left, you will need to NOW charge 1 punch + $2 for a Member for an hour, and 1 punch + $7 for a Guest per hour.
This allows us to better cover the monthly RSO wages and taxes as billed to us.
All new Range Punch Cards will need to be sold for $90 which still saves the buyer $1/hr after February 1st.